Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb, Price in the UAE

The Price of the Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb in the UAE is 4,699 AED

So, you’d like the best deal for the Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb in the UAE.

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Realtalk about the Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb

The Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb is a powerhouse of a phone, but it comes with some caveats. Find out all the information to what you need to know in this article!

What’s the Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb?

The Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb is the newest phone from OnePlus, a company that is known for making great phones at unbeatable prices. It’s been exciting to see what this new phone has to offer and all of the changes it brings to the table, which include a really long 30-hour-battery life! The Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb is also more affordable than any other flagship phone on the market, meaning you can get one without breaking your budget.

How much is this phone?

The Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb costs $549, which is quite expensive given that other phones in its class are priced at around the $400 range. Still, it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a phone that has reliable hardware and a good software experience. It also has an impressive number of improvements over its predecessor – the iphone – so it may be worth it to invest in this new model.

What’s the camera quality like on it?

The Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb actually has two cameras with two lenses. While both cameras have the same 12 MP resolution sensors, there is actually a difference in sensor size and maximum aperture between the two. The first wide-angle camera has a 1/3″ sensor with a 28mm equivalent f/1.8 lens (a total of 6 lens elements), whereas the second telephoto camera has a smaller 1/3.6″ sensor with a 56mm equivalent f/2.8 lens (a total of 5 lens elements).

Is the Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb worth the price tag?

The Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb is a very well-made phone with no true weaknesses. It boasts one of the best camera sets among its competitors, as well as an expensive OLED display and powerful speaker that records loud, rich sound. The phone’s processor is also fast, meaning it opens apps and scrolls quickly and intuitively. So yes – the Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb Plus does come at a steep price but for what you’re getting, the extra dollars are worth it.

Who will want this phone and why?

The Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb is just one of the top new phones that will be released this coming holiday season. Anyone who wants an updated phone with the latest features and design changes will enjoy the Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb. Its crisp, bright display allows you to watch films, surf the internet, and play games like no other phone on the market. The advanced technology it uses is exclusive to Apple products and is only available in their handsets.

What are its disadvantages?

One of the primary reasons why the Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb doesn’t sell well is because most smartphones under $400 have more advanced features. It consumes time significantly more than most phones, which means that the battery life isn’t that good. Speaking of batteries, the phone also has a smaller battery life than the Apple Iphone 5.


The bottom-line is that the phone gives you a lot of great features at an affordable price. It’s important to remember that it isn’t up to par compared with other flagship smartphones in some respects, but for its price that shouldn’t be surprising. Most importantly, if you’re looking for a solid new phone and care about budgeting more than the latest features, then the Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb is your best bet.

Apple Iphone Pro Max 128Gb Tech Specs and price in the UAE

Battery Size3687 mAh
Camera TypePrimary Camera + Secondary Camera
Charging TypeType-C
Colour NamePacific Blue
Display TypeOLED
Network New5G
Expandable Memory TypeNo Expandable Memory
Fast ChargingYes
Internal Memory128 GB
Model NameiPhone 12 Pro Max
Model NumberiPhone 12 Pro Max
Model Year2020

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